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Houston Gulf Coast Building and Construction Trades Council

          Safest, Best-Trained, and Best-Qualified

And whether you work at ExxonMobil or for the Building Trades, we share the same desire for America’s future: We want the safest, best-trained, and best-qualified workforce in the world. Period.

- Rex Tillerson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobile
Union Labor produces 38% more Square Feet per man-hour.
Nonunion Produced sq ft
Union Produced sq ft
38% higher effectiveness

Most Skilled and Qualified

Construction Force available, with Proven Loyalty to members, contractors and our clients.

The long-term Value of using our trained construction workers saves your project from delays and mishaps.

According to Bureau of Labor, The measurement for effectiveness of “square footage per man-hour” is 38 percent higher in office buildings built predominantly by union observable labor quality verses the non-union observable labor quality.